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Putting a Name to a Movement

Posted in Brood of Vipers by N. de Guerre on November 24, 2008

At long last, we can finally put a name and a public face on what is the anti-gay, theocratic Christian Right:  The Arlington Group

After his abandonment by his friends in the Christian Right, former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has taken his frustrations public and is naming names.  Thanks to a tip I got from reading one of our fundamentalist allies against Dominionism, we were led to this website which does a great job in further investigating the membership roster of the Arlington Group.  According to PJ Miller:

The Arlington Group is a coalition which unites the leaders of almost all of the most prominent Christian Right organizations in the United States.

Founded in 2002 principally through the efforts of American Family Association President Donald Wildmon and Free Congress Foundation Chairman Paul Weyrich, the group seeks to establish consensus goals and strategy among its members and translate its combined constituency into an overwhelming force within the Republican Party, particularly at its highest levels.

Its membership and purpose overlaps to a high degree with the Council for National Policy; but the group is much more narrowly focused, choosing to emphasize such issues as same-sex marriage, abortion, and confirmation of like-minded federal judges.

If you’ve ever wondered what a “brood of vipers” looks like, look no further.

The Arlington Group: 

Alliance Defense Fund – Alan Sears
American Family Association – Donald Wildmon
American Values – Gary Bauer
Bott Radio Network – Richard Bott
CatholicVote.Org – Raymond Flynn
Center for Moral Clarity – Rod Parsley
Citizens for Community Values – Phil Burress
Coalition of African American Pastors – William Owens – Richard Viguerie
Coral Ridge Ministries and Center for Reclaiming America – D. James Kennedy
Covenant Marriage Movement – Phil Waugh
Exodus International – Alan Chambers
Family Research Council and FRC Action – Tony Perkins
Florida Family Policy Council – John Stemberger
Fieldsted & Company – Howard Ahmanson, Jr.
Focus on the Family and Focus on the Family Action – James Dobson
Free Congress Foundation – Paul Weyrich
High Impact Leadership Coalition – Harry Jackson
Inspiration Television Network
Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration and Vision America – Rick Scarborough
Liberty Counsel – Mathew Staver
Liberty University – Jerry Falwell
National Association of Evangelicals – Leith Anderson
Ohio Restoration Project – Russell Johnson
Salem Communications – Stuart Epperson
Southern Baptist Convention – Richard Land
Susan B. Anthony List – Marjorie Dannenfelser
Teen Mania Ministries – Ron Luce
TeenPact – Tim Echols
TheVanguard.Org – Rod D. Martin
Tradition, Family, Property
Traditional Values Coalition – Lou Sheldon

If, to many people, Mike Huckabee’s book tour of “naming names” seems a little too much about crying over spilt milk because of his own Christian Right credentials, well there is good cause. Mike Huckabee’s own view of civil rights for the LGBT community is extremely dark.  As Pam’s Houseblend notes, Huckabee is on record of comparing homosexuality to bestiality and necrophilia, says being gay is “a choice”, wants to recriminalize sodomy, wants to prevent lesbian and gay couples from adopting and to prevent same-sex partners from receiving spousal survival benefits.

More recently, Huckabee speaking on the television show “The View” complains that “”People who are homosexuals should have every right in terms of their civil rights, to be employed, to do anything they want (odd, considering everything he’s said in the past – see above)…..But here is the difference. Bull Connor was hosing people down in the streets of Alabama. John Lewis got his skull cracked on the Selma bridge.

I guess Huckabee’s never heard of Matthew Shepard.  Or perhaps he hasn’t read the FBI’s latest statistics showing that, although hate crimes on the whole have dropped, hate crimes against lesbians and gays has risen 6%.  How many skulls are enough for Huckabee to acknowledge another American’s civil rights?

The question might be raised, is Huckabee the lesser of two evils or, simply, the evil of two lessers?